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IPG Announces Retirement of Board Chairman Dennis Antinori, who has been Instrumental in Achieving the Company’s Mission of Bringing High Quality, Affordable Surgical Care to Patients Across the Country

ATLANTA, Georgia (December 21, 2020) – IPG, the industry-leading provider of surgical cost management solutions today announced that Dennis Antinori will retire as Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPG, effective December 31, 2020. Long-term Board member and supporter Mike Dixon will succeed Mr. Antinori as Chairman.

Mr. Antinori has served on the IPG Board for the last 13 years, and was appointed as Chairman in 2015. He was integral in recruiting IPG’s current CEO, Vince Coppola, to lead the company in 2016. Through Mr. Antinori’s Chairmanship, the company significantly strengthened its value proposition, and the company has achieved record financial performance.

Vince Coppola, CEO of IPG, said, “It has been my great pleasure to work with Dennis since 2016 and his involvement in IPG was one of the reasons I chose to join the Company. His partnership, support and deep commitment to the company was key in our organization’s remarkable success. On behalf of our entire organization, I express my deepest thanks to Dennis for all he has done for me and my team, and although our business partnership will be coming to an end, I know that our personal friendship will continue as Dennis moves into well deserved retirement. Finally, I look forward to continuing to work with Mike Dixon, our incoming Chairman. Mike has served on the IPG board since 2010, knows our business extremely well, was involved in every major decision we have undertaken, and will serve the Company and our shareholders very well.”

“I also congratulate Dennis for his many years of excellent service to IPG and appreciate his leadership on the Board. I look forward to serving IPG as Chairman and continuing to be a part of the company’s tremendous success,” said Mike Dixon.

Mr. Antinori said, “It has been a great pleasure to serve as a member of the IPG Board since 2007 and to witness the evolution and growth of the company over these past 13 years. The company’s strategic development and growth have been extraordinary, and I leave the Board in good hands, and with total confidence in the leadership team and the company’s mission, and I look forward to their continued success.”